Monday, 17 December 2012

What if

Tonight's post has been inspired by fellow blogger.

So the Mayans say the world will end in three days 21.12.2012.
If it does, have I achieved everything I wanted to? I am loved and have loved. I have two amazing daughters who continue to surprise me everyday with there beauty and light.
I have some wonderful friends, you know who you are. Who enrich my life daily.
My family who I love dearly, you are my home.

I've seen some beautiful things such as the pyramids and not so beautiful things, but yet there is so much more to see and do.

I have so much more yet to experience, so many goals to achieve. These goals can be as minor as finishing the decorating in my house (only been waiting 8 years) or as big as re training and having a career change.

I am not ready to say goodbye, for it all to end.

If I only have three days to do everything I want to do, where do I start. I don't have the energy or money to get a new kitchen. I can't hop on a plane and wander around the streets of Rome or read the entire collection of Shakespeare. But I do have time to text, email or ring those closest to me and tell them I love them.

Just in case.

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