Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I often sit and think about the affect I have on people's lives, what lasting impression have I made. If I never woke up tomorrow what would people's opinions be of me?

Throughout my life there have been lots of people who have entered, stayed and left. However I can count a small few that have left their footprints on my heart.

These people in their very own way have been just what I have needed at just the right time. A parent, teacher, friend or partner, they have all changed me.

There is a very fine line between happiness and sadness. Unfortunately those closest to us are able to cross it the easiest.

No one sets out to hurt someone they love. Sometimes life just happens. People change, relationships change. No one is to blame, yet it is unfortunate that people are hurt along the way.

A heart broken by loss, never really recovers. Time is a great healer so they say. With every day, week, month or year you learn to live with the pain. For the pain is the remaining connection to your loved one. To feel nothing, would be worse.

When people fall in love, two souls are connected. The hearts language knows no boundaries.

My heart usually falls hard and fast. I love the feeling of being loved. In return I give my all to make the other person happy.

In all my relationships I try to be the best person I can be. The reliable friend with a shoulder to cry on or the partner who would do anything to make the other person happy.

If I do not wake from my slumber tomorrow, I hope people remember me with a smile on their face and joy in their heart.

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