Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Part 2

Well my family descended on me today for our Christmas meal.
My Mum, Brother, Sister in law and nephew arrived to share good food, good conversation and most importantly make good memories.

My day started by prepping the veg. I had already decided on carrot and suede mash, sprouts with bacon, braised red cabbage, honey roasted parsnips and roast potatoes.

For the meat I'd purchased a four bird roast from Aldi. I'd never had it before but friends have raved about it.

So once I'd cleaned the kitchen, prepared the veg and put the bird in the oven I treated myself to some me time.

This involved a lovely hot bubble bath and music playing in the background. I was also slightly cheeky and replied to some emails.

Time alone with the bubbles allowed my mind to drift. As mentioned in previous posts I've felt rather 'down' recently. But after lots of soul searching, reading inspiring blogs and chatting to my 'perfect stranger' I'm feeling more positive.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal, plates where cleaned and leftovers placed into containers for meals over the next few days. My brother had provided dessert in the form of apple pie and custard.

After pots of tea and lengthy conversations about Christmas past, we said our goodbyes. I probably won't see my brother again before New Year, but he's only been home a couple of hours and we've exchanged text messages.

My Mum went home with a full belly, a doggy bag with her supper and a smile.
She spent Christmas in Hampshire with my Sister, two nieces and nephew. Thankfully this trip as left her with smiles not sadness.

For the last 26 years my Mum has battled with depression. I've seen the highs and the very lows. But that is another blog.

So Christmas part 2 was a success, we survived.

Now all my celebrating is done, tomorrow I will pack away my decorations and return them to the cupboard above the stairs and prepare the house for 2013.


  1. Blog land is great for inspiration and I personally have learned a lot and made some lovely new friends. I am glad you had a good Christmas and I hope the New Year brings you some inner peace and happiness. X

  2. I am really loveing reading your blog ,im glad i found it . Good wishes for the new year . x