Sunday, 2 December 2012

and.... Relax

You got to love a bargain!! Thanks to my lovely cousin and a well known discount website, I spent the afternoon in the Spa. This fantastic trip cost me £6... Yes £6!!

From swimming to floating the hydro pool, I thoroughly enjoyed the R&R. Eight of us made the trip to the local hotel, armed with our books swimming costume and commentary robes. Leaving our OH's to babysit we discussed the upcoming festive season and made plans to do it again soon.

I know I'm trying to pay our debts off sooner rather than later, but today is just what I needed. In fact I'd love to return by myself. Before I settled down, when I had my own flat I could go a full weekend without speaking to anyone. I often miss my own company... Time to potter around and do nothing much.

Well I'm back home and reality returns. Sunday night is spent ironing school uniforms, making packed lunches and 'bath night'.

Thinking back to when I was younger we had a bath on Sundays and Wednesday, the other days we had a strip wash. This tradition as now been past on to my children.

Right I'm off to chop my veg for the slow cooker.

Night xxx

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