Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bad day

What a day....!!!

Yesterday was one of those days when I should have stayed in bed. If it could go wrong, it did.
I woke up thinking the day in the office was going to be a relaxed one, boss was away on business, I had my list of jobs, no hassle. How wrong I was!
But I got through all the hassle, kept on smiling and made it home. Although it did make me think again. I need a job that offers me job satisfaction. The day in the officer reaffirmed I'm just there to make other people's lives easier without any gratitude!
Some of my colleagues wouldn't know what team work was if it smacked them in the face.
It's not about money (my wage is shockingly low anyway) but I want to go home everyday and feel like I've made a difference and achieved something. Big decisions need to be made in the new year.

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