Friday, 28 December 2012

A breakthrough

Today there was a break in the clouds.

I made a start on simplifying my life and I feel so much better for it.

After reading several blogs, they inspired me to make the change I need. I feel liberated, confident and motivated enough to start.

There are several things that hopefully will map out themselves out. I don't need to worry just yet. So for now they can take a back burner. I must concentrate on the things I need to change now.

My kitchen (the heart of my house) is now more orderly and I instantly feel relieved. I forget how much better I feel when I can potter in there. One day I will get my dream kitchen, but for now I will settle for my little haven. I've cleaned cupboards, organised shelves, rearranged furniture. Hopefully I'll get chance to whitewash the walls to freshen it up, but for now my children's art work continues to smile back at me. The framed paintings hung on the walls or drawings pinned on the fridge, they all have a story, a memory.

The biggest challenge I faced today was letting go of a toxic friendship. I have known my friend for almost three years. I love them dearly and have sacrificed lots to make them happy. However in times of need when I have turned for help, they have been too busy. The friendship is one sided... me giving and them taking.
So today we had a heart to heart. The end result will now be a quick hello/goodbye in passing. Yes it saddens me but I need friends that give as well as take. For too long I've been there for people, which I don't mind as long as they return the favour.

Hopefully each day I will do something, big or small that will help make my life easier.

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