Thursday, 6 December 2012

They want to silence us?

I'm fairly new to twitter, but ive found it to be an excellent tool to network with like minded people.

Being a Police Officer's wife, its definitely an alternative lifestyle to friends who are not job. They dont seem to understand that it is a way of life and not just a job.
Unfortunately, at the moment the lives of some of my twitter friends are being silenced because of their views.

We all know there are things that every business/organisation does not want its customers to know, but i think if the general publi knew the limited resources our officers have to deal with every shift, they'd be shocked.

James Patrick a serving MET officer as beeing blogging and tweeting for a while. He is now currently under investigation and has been told he is not aloud to use SM????? What happend to freedom of speech? He has told no lies as far as i am aware.

I get so frustrated over the job and i dont not even work there. Our officers do a fantastic job!!!

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