Thursday, 3 January 2013

Restricting what I blog

Before I continue with my blog I've got re evaluate the content I post (much to my dislike)

Fellow bloggers have inspired me to take control of my life, my finances and change my view on things.
You have been honest and open about your challenges, fears and aspirations.
When I started this blog, that was also my intention. However my OH is not as comfortable with some of my posts.

He has requested I remove the post about our finances. I have to respect his wishes and so I have done as he asked.

I will still continue to blog my journey, sharing tips, successes and failures. But I can't post anything that is too personal to my family. I probably won't mention him in posts again.

I hope you understand, this blog was for me, but along the short path I have travelled I managed to kick up some dust that needs to settle.

Blogging will resume as normal tomorrow.

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