Sunday, 6 January 2013

Officer down

I woke this morning to hear reports that a Police officer had been killed whilst responding to a 999 call.

PC Andy Bramma (32) was a serving officer in North Yorkshire who had recently transferred from Greater Manchester Police. Colleagues have paid tribute saying he was an outstanding officer who was dedicated to serving the public. May he Rest In Peace.

The passing of anyone is a sad occasion. Those who are left behind suffer the pain, the loss,the grief. No one knows if they will see tomorrow, nothing is certain. Death is all part of life, a natural circle.

When my OH left for his shift earlier, I made sure he knew I loved him. As I kissed my girls goodnight and settled them down to sleep, I told them that I loved them.

Life is precious but extremely fragile and short. However, it doesn't have to be limitless.
There are only two guarantees in life, you are born and you will die. These things are insignificant really, it's the events that happen in between that define us, that make it count.

So love freely, spend as much time with your children as they can stand and never be afraid to dance in the rain, for tomorrow may never come.

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