Saturday, 19 January 2013

Busy bee

I'm sorry I've not posted anything for a few days. I've had such a hectic week with lots to tell you.

Firstly Galaxy is making a speedy recovery. The vets are pleased with her progress and she's enjoying our long walks again. To date we still haven't heard from the insurance company about our claim. Hopefully no news is good news and they will pay out.

Now to me, I started the couch to 5k training programme just over a week ago and I feel fantastic. I've still got a long way to go with my training but I've definitely got the bug. I've even upped my game to couch to 10k and I'm hoping to run the Manchester 10k in May.

I love the freedom the solitude. Just me and my music (oh and galaxy near by). I'm not confident enough to road run yet, my local park is my setting and I'm having great fun!

Eventually I want to lose weight (I've got plenty to shift) but that's not my goal. My clothes are already starting to feel baggy so it must be working.

Onto my finances, with an unexpected trip to London we have spent £200 that we planned to pay off our debts. It's a slip up but something we both needed. We have returned optimistic and determined. I know this will be a good year for us.

Another totally unexpected event was that I got to 'chat' to my new friend on windows live. My perfect stranger. He's currently serving out in Afghanistan and it was wonderful to know his spirits were high and he's doing ok. I sometimes forget how difficult it must be for our Armed forces being away from family and friends. We usually exchange emails once or twice a week, a modern Pen Friend. I chat to him about stuff that's happening back in the UK (the weather is a hot top at the min) and he uses our emails as a sounding board to express his thoughts of being over in Helmand. It's almost like therapy really as there is very little to no chance of ever bumping into one another.

Our armed forces do a fantastic job and I wish them all a safe tour and speedy return home.

So, the weather? Everyone else in the country seems to be battling with the snow, guess what? We've not got any. Well not anything proper, just a fine dusting that melts as quickly as it lands. My hopes for a snow day have been dashed, but on a brighter note the lack of the white stuff as helped me stick to my running.

So for now I will say goodbye. I promise ill be back soon with more tales to tell.
Make sure you all stay safe and wrap up warm.

Nicola xx

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