Friday, 30 November 2012

Well, I've started

So it's the 1st day of Advent tomorrow? That means the festive season is almost upon us. Usually I'm very organised, unfortunately this year I'm struggling to get into the festive mood. However I've forced myself to makes start.

After four hours of designing and making I have several homemade jewellery gifts. I have made up the gifts the girls will take into school for their teachers.

This year I've gone with personalised mugs with a 'hot Chocolate' mix. Finished off with a candy cane and instructions.
I've taken the idea from the web, cheap cheerful and truly unique!!

OH is working until midnight, so I've got just over an hour to quickly tidy round before he is home. I know he'll probably moan because I've not got all my jobs done, however I do feel like tonight as been a productive one!

In work today I've been sat chatting with my colleague Holly. We've both decided 2013 will be the year of change for both of us. I will hopefully get my house in order and pay a sizeable chunk off my debt. Holly wants to change career, move house and get her health under control.

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