Thursday, 29 November 2012

Poorly little one

I got a call from school today, informing me that my youngest is poorly. Thankfully the boss let me take one of the pool cars so I could get there ASAP. Using public transport would have taken me around an hour instead of the 15 minutes in the car.
We're home and I've made a quick pasta dish for the Daughter number 1's tea. Daughter number two had some medicine to reduce her temperature and is now fast asleep. She will probably snack later.

I know I should make a start on my jobs, such as load the washer, fold the clothes from the maiden and start a loaf in the machine, but I just don't have the motivation at the moment.

I often get days where I'd rather stay snuggled under the duvet instead of facing the world. Several years ago, before I met my OH, I did have a difficult time. Once you have suffered with depression it's always with you, it's how you manage it. Hopefully the balance is- you have more good days than bad.

I'm not staying today is a bad day, however it's going to be a difficult week for making the family budget stretch. With children's party's and dance teachers gifts to provide, I need to be imaginative. I'm still brainstorming at the minute, hopefully I will come up with something before tomorrow night.

Disappointing news came today that the OH is now working his long weekend. Every nine weeks he gets Saturday through to Tuesday off. Unfortunately training and meetings have been scheduled for three of his four days. Plans to do something as a family once again is put on hold.

Being a Police Officer is definitely a lifestyle choice rather than just a job!

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